When did buying a home become about guessing and rushing to close? With Amishra, you’ll discover that buying any property can be focused, strategic, and in your best interests to grow your wealth. The team at Amishra offers mentorship and brings data analysis, neighbourhood and market analysis, in-depth walk throughs and other critical information to the home-buying process. Ankur Mishra will handle you transaction from end-to-end, without rushing or pressuring you, and all while looking out for your best interests. Trust Amishra to make the process of purchasing your new home a calming and financially advantageous experience.

Supporting buyers for the purchase of their first home, or their forever home...

Your Home Buyer’s Consultation

When should you buy it? What can you afford, and how much should you spend? While many real estate agents will pressure you into buying a home now and to putting in a big offer, too, they’re often bending to market pressures or acting on intuition about the market. Ankur uses data analysis to look into the market realities of today and tomorrow. With real knowledge and years of experience, he advises clients to make decisions that will grow wealth over time.

Of course, your numbers have to work too. Ankur advises his clients on if purchasing a home (whether their first or fourth), is really in their best interests. He will pay careful attention to your financial circumstances and your family’s needs to give you personalized advice.

A Targeted Approach

Not every agent is as enthusiastic about your fifth showing as your first. Ankur is always excited about any property you’re viewing and puts serious effort into analyzing its merits and drawbacks. That said, why spend time looking at properties that don't meet your criteria?

Ankur can help you take a targeted, focused approach to home buying. He provides school rankings, market trends, and neighbourhood analyses that allow you to rule out many properties before you step foot in them. Spend your time considering properties that truly fit your lifestyle and needs. 

In-Depth Walk-Throughs

Why should you buy this home? Why shouldn’t you buy this home?
Both questions are equally important. At Amishra, we want you to be informed about what exactly it is that you’re buying. Ankur can help you sort out what you can expect from the home in terms of renovations, upgrades, and maintenance and accurately estimate future values of the home based on market analysis so you know whether the home will be a profitable investment.

Expect in-depth knowledge, smart strategy and an honest assessment from our team at every home viewing. Thinking of placing an offer on a home sight-unseen or in a different city, province, or country? Analysis from Amishra can help you reduce the risks and make a sound purchase.


Buying a home can be frustrating and emotionally draining, especially in a hot market. This is especially true if you’re also selling a home at the same time. The team at Amishra handles your entire home buying experience, from end-to-end.

Some of the trusted professionals he will connect you with for your buying experience include:

Expect Complete Customer Service 

GTA Home buyers trust Amishra because our first priority is you, the client!

TRANSPARENCY: We take the mystery out of valuations and offers. Ankur takes the time to explain the ins and outs of the knowledge and share his market research and expertise with clients.

INTEGRITY: Reputation depends on consistency and fairness. Ankur always acts with integrity when supporting home buyers and sellers alike.

KNOWLEDGE: Don’t settle for advice based on intuition and self-interest. Ankur offers more, backed up with experience, data, and analytical skill.

SUPPORT: From start to finish, and every moment in between, Ankur will be there to support you throughout your home buying experience.

AWARD-WINNING: In 2021, Ankur Mishra was nominated for a Mississauga Reader’s Choice Award.


How long does it take to close a deal?

Depending on chances and available inventory, it may take a few weeks to a few months to find the right home and get your offer accepted; we never rush and never give up until we find the right property. The time between offer acceptance till closing is generally 4 to 8 weeks keeping enough time to complete the steps like mortgage processing, title verifications, inspection, closing procedures etc.

How much down payment do we need to buy a home?

The down payment depends on the cost of the home.

If you pay 20% or more, you don't have to pay for mortgage insurance. You can also buy a property with a minimum downpayment of 5% for up to 500K and 10% for up to 500K to 1000K. For anything over 1000K, you need to pay a 20% minimum of the whole amount. It is always advisable to check with your mortgage broker before putting in an offer.

Do we need mortgage approval?

Yes, it is always beneficial to get mortgage pre-approval to know the budget you can aim for, the down payment you will need, and the payments you would be expected to pay.

In addition, we have a lot of preferred mortgage brokers we work with from major banks, which we can help you connect to if needed.

What are the closing costs?

Usually, closing costs can be from 2 to 3 % of the property price.

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