Building your wealth shouldn’t be left to intuition. Our team uses data and analysis to offer more to real estate investors and those interested in pre-construction properties. Trust us for complete support through the buying process, including market analysis, connections to other reliable professionals, and the updates you need to move quickly in competitive markets. 

the ideal partner to help you invest in real estate ACROSS the GREATER TORONTO AREA (GTA)

Your Initial Consultation

Many real estate agents take for granted that they understand your position and what is in your best interests. At Amishra, we do not make assumptions. Instead, we spend time with you during an initial consultation to understand your needs and how the numbers factor in. Is purchasing right for you, and when and where should you invest? We can provide in-depth analysis that help you make better decisions to grow your investment and wealth portfolio.

Guidance and Analysis Worth Investing In

Finding cash flow positive properties and being sure the math works out is challenging. At Amishra, we can help by offering a truly transparent analysis of individual properties, as well as neighbourhoods and markets. We can assist you with a forecast of the return on investment of potential properties and other insightful information about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Ankur Mishra and his team will walk you through potential properties and point out the benefits of purchasing them and the disadvantages. It is important to know what you are truly buying and not focus too much on the exciting features of the property over potential pain points. With his background in finance and over two decades in real estate, Ankur can offer valuable insights about properties which others may overlook.

Premium Access to Properties

Ankur has cultivated relationships and has platinum access to pre-construction properties in the GTA. Those who want to choose the absolute best property for their needs will benefit from early access to the properties they may be interested in. Accessing the property before others are one important way to make a better decision in competitive markets.

Investment Matters

When you’re searching for an investment or a preconstruction property, your experience is very different from those who are searching for a previously constructed personal home. The team at Amishra has relevant experience in the world of investment and advanced skills and knowledge to help you. We're committed to helping you make the very best decisions so you can meet and exceed your financial goals. We're focused on helping you grow your investment portfolio through personal attention and on-going commitment. You can expect our team to always be engaged and diligent, whether you are looking at your first property or your tenth. 

Interior designers

Purchasing an investment property can be overwhelming, which is why the team at Amishra steps in to handle every aspect of your transaction, from start to finish. That includes giving you access to trusted professionals and tradespeople that you may need, including:


GTA REAL ESTATE CLIENTS trust Amishra because our first priority is you!

TRANSPARENCY: We take the mystery out of valuations and offers. Ankur takes the time to explain the ins and outs of the knowledge and share his market research and expertise with clients.

INTEGRITY: Reputation depends on consistency and fairness. Ankur always acts with integrity when supporting home buyers and sellers alike.

KNOWLEDGE: Don’t settle for advice based on intuition and self-interest. Ankur offers more, backed up with experience, data, and analytical skill.

SUPPORT: From start to finish, and every moment in between, Ankur will be there to support you throughout your home buying experience.

AWARD-WINNING: In 2021, Ankur Mishra was nominated for a Mississauga Reader’s Choice Award.


How much is the down payment for buying an investment property?

Typically you need a 20% down payment to buy an investment property.

Is it better to buy a condo or a freehold property as an investment?

Both are good choices and depend on how many levels of maintenance you, as an investor, are ready o take. For example, condo apartments have low maintenance issues and associated maintenance costs. Whereas a freehold home will not have monthly maintenance fees, the owner is responsible for the maintenance issues.

Can we find favourable/positive cash flow properties?

Yes, you can. Sometimes you may need to choose older properties or be creative to get maximum value from the property. 

Will I need to rent the property myself?

You can rent it yourself or through a realtor. We recommend doing a proper background check for tenants in both cases.

How will I maintain and manage the investment property?

If you are in the same area and comfortable, you can maintain it yourself. You can also use property management companies to maintain the property at nominal monthly charges.

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